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Top 7 Best Healthy Dog Food

Best Healthy Dog Food
Top 7 Best Healthy Dog Food

Feeding your dog in a healthy and balanced way will bring him more than a slender line. In addition to a stable and average weight, healthy dog food brings many benefits, which will be seen physically!

His hair will be more beautiful and shiny, his teeth will be more robust, and his weight stabilized.

Dog food analysis is complicated, but you want to give your dog the most appropriate diet to ensure good health. But you hear many different opinions, and you do not know what to choose?

Here is a list of some of the best healthy dog food you can give to your faithful friend!

The vegetables

Green vegetables can be considered as one of the best healthy dog ​​food because they are an important source of vitamins, minerals, and especially fiber for your dog.
So do not hesitate to give him a little each day, whether it is green beans, carrots, pumpkins, or zucchini.

However, always make sure to steam them before giving them to your faithful companion.

Attention, avocado is to be avoided, because it can be hazardous for your dog! It is also the case for tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

The fruits

Although they should be given occasionally (as occasional treats, for example), some fruit may be provided to your dog.
It is particularly the case of oranges, bananas, pears, or melons. However, be careful always to wash them, cut them into small pieces, and remove the skin, pips, and stones.
Try to give it pineapple more often as it is one of the best healthy dog food that gained more popularity these days.
Rich in fructose, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, your dog can eat pineapple to boost his immune system and improve digestion. Bromelain, found in pineapple, is an enzyme that helps break down proteins.

Be careful, cherries and grapes are totally out of the diet of your dog!

Vegetable oils

Adding a drop of olive oil, rapeseed oil, or hemp oil to your dog’s bowl each day ensures that you have sufficient consuming of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Source of healthy protein and fats, raw and unsalted vegetable oils can be an excellent little treat for your dog. However, be careful not to choose oils without sugar or light, because it could contain xylitol, very toxic for dogs.

Although these oils are considered one of the most healthy dog foods, they must be provided in measured amounts to maintain your dog’s health.

Lean meat

Protein should be the basis of your dog’s diet. So, you can give him some meat, as long as it is not fat and well cooked.
Indeed, it is forbidden to provide raw meat to your pet, because the risk of intoxication and parasitic infection is significant.

The best healthy dog food is an excellent source of amino acids, which help to develop the muscles of your dog’s body.
Meat is also an excellent source of B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and cobalamin).
Likewise, chewing bones are not recommended, whether big or small, because the risk of choking is too big as well.


It is one of the healthiest foods for your dog according to dog food analysis. Monolaurin in coconut helps combat viruses and various pathogenic bacteria, protecting your pets against infection by stimulating their immune system.

On the other hand, it contains albumin, which is a water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and fluids. Coconut is a solution to many diseases and conditions, such as yeast infections, smelly peeling, hot pads, cuts that have been infected and cracked paws.

Coconut oil can help reduce the risk of cancer. Thyroid function is also regulated, and arthritis and similar pains can be minimized or treated. Coconut balances your dog’s metabolism and keeps his weight under control.

So if you’re looking for healthy dog food, coconut will be your best choice.

Oatmeal and eggs

Oat flakes are one of the best healthy dog food, it is an excellent source of fiber, which helps improve your dog’s digestion.

It is also an alternative to cereals for dogs allergic to wheat.
Cook the oatmeal and wait for them to cool before serving them to your pet!
As long as they are cooked, eggs can be a good source of protein for your dog.

But, again, this must remain occasional because the eggs are also high in fat.


It is quite possible to give your dog rice, as long as it does not represent more than 5% to 10% of his diet.
Indeed, the dog is an animal that essentially needs meat to survive! In addition, the rice must be cooked thoroughly; any food advisor would recommend the same because the rice is a portion of very healthy dog food.

In conclusion, after having known the most important healthy dog foods, you can learn more about dog nutrition by reading the articles on our site that contain golden advice from veterinarians and dog food specialists.