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Top 10 cute small breed dogs

small dog breeds, cute small breed dogs
small dog breeds

They are cute, sweet, cuddly, gentle, and dynamic but have strong personalities, friendly with children and they are very intelligent. But are small breed dogs suitable for you and your lifestyle? If you live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space to breed a large dog, or if you want your dog to stay a cute little puppy forever, these dogs are certainly what you are searching for. But it’s important to know that small dog breeds have different backgrounds and origins because their behavior differs from breed to breed and this difference mainly lies in the maintenance requirements and needed training and health care costs.

Also, some breeds of small dogs, famous for their love for children and full of activity and vitality in addition to their intelligence and only need cities and small apartments to live in, but this does not apply to all types of breeds because some of them, despite their small size, need a large space to live. If you want to raise a cute small pet, you will find in this article a collection of the best small breed dogs, read on and find out which of these dogs is best suited for you and your family.

Top 10 best small breed dogs:

In the following, we will review the most famous small breed dogs, where you can find many long-haired dogs and others such as small short-haired dogs.

1- Affenpinscher:

small breed dogs, Which is the best small dog breeds?

These small and beautiful dogs were known by many names such as “monkey dogs” and “ape terrier” in France, which they called “diablotin mustache” (mustached little devil). Despite their small size, they weigh only 10 pounds and their maximum height is 11.5 inches, they are characterized by their strong personality and great self-confidence, as well as being very active and playful. This small breed of dog doesn’t need much training because it is intelligent, honest, and sincere in the fact it is like a human being, ready to defend its owners in all ferocity if they are attacked.

The Affenpinscher has a harsh and dense coat, its appearance is elegant but disheveled and comes in several colors such as black, gray, silver, red, it has a light and confident gait that distinguishes it from other small dogs. Generally, this small breed of dogs is healthy but suffers from respiratory problems in hot weather, as well as small head dogs.

2- American Eskimo Dog:

small breed dogs, American Eskimo Dog, What is the smallest dog?
American Eskimo Dog

Known as the beautiful dog or “Eskie” or American Eskimo, it is one of the breeds of Spitz-type companion dogs that are abundant in northern Europe. It is true that it is a small breed of dogs, its weight does not exceed 30 pounds, and its length is less than 51 cm. However, its behavior is like big dogs. They are friendly and kind to family and friends, but they are very immune to strangers.

The American Eskimo Dog is ideal for children and other pets such as cats, even though it has a lot of barking and movement which is its only drawback (as a precautionary measure, no breed should be left with children unsupervised). Many dog breeders recommend that you raise more than one Eskies at home because they enjoy themselves while playing, despite this, there is no problem to raise them alone, as they are suitable for small apartments as long as they regularly go out for exercise with them.

3- American Hairless Terrier:

small breed dogs, American Hairless Terrier, small dog race
American Hairless Terrier

These small breed dogs were officially recognized in 2004 by the United Kennel Club because before this date, it was considered a different type of Rat Terrier. The medium age of these dogs varies between 14 and 16 years, their length is between 18 and 46 cm at puberty and their weight varies from 2.5 to 12 kg on average. American Hairless is one of the breeds of hairless and coated dogs, he has a short and shiny coat and a soft bald skin that comes in several colors such as gray, pink, black, and gold … but this is a negative thing for him because he needs special precautions in cold weather and also in hot temperatures caused by sunburn A source of concern for it.

Dogs of this breed are characterized by a wonderful and perfect personality, as it is energetic, cheerful, loves to play and train, it walks in a balanced and harmonious way with straight V-shaped ears that give its appearance more confidence and strength of personality.

4- Australian Terrier:

small breed dogs, Australian Terrier, small dog  breeds
Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is mainly bred in Australia to fight insects and guard cattle, it is energetic, likes to play and move a lot, and has great self-confidence. It is a small breed family dog that has a great sense of dedication, its weight is less than 16 pounds and its length varies between 10 and 11 inches. Despite their small size, these dogs are very strong and can live easily in the city or suburbs, as they are easy to breed and do not require much care.

This small breed dogs have a unique appearance because of its waterproof, low-drop coat that comes in many beautiful colors such as blue and tan, solid sand, or solid red, and it’s dark, bright eyes that show a lively intelligence.

5- Basenji:

small dog breeds, Basenji,
small dog breeds Basenji

It is also called ” the barkless Dog ” in Africa, it is an intelligent and deceptive small hunting dog that needs a lot of training to adapt its life in a family because it doesn’t like living with other pets such as cats. Basenji is very small as he weighs about 24 pounds, its height is no longer than 17 inches for an adult male, its average lifespan varies between 13 and 14 years. This small breed dog has a short, shiny coat of several colors, characterized by a tightly coiled tail with almond-shaped eyes that transmit many feelings as humans do.

These dogs like to take care of themselves as cats, they are very sensitive and love cleanliness, they have a unique personality, they don’t bark much, but they express their feelings in a strange voice (small dog breeds that don’t bark). They are strong and stubborn if they are not well trained, if you are one of the lucky ones who get Basenjis, try to take care of them as much as you can.

6- Beagle:

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One of the excellent family dogs, they are also called cheerful dogs because they are affectionate, loved, and always happy, although they are small breed dogs sweet, they were mainly bred as hunting dogs. Beagle hunt in groups, so you will find them enjoying the company of their owners as well as other dogs. They are curious, intelligent, and energetic, so need a lot of time to play and train. All these factors have made them for many years the best hunting dog in America.

Its maximum length is 15 inches, its weight is always less than 30 pounds, and its average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years, all these details make it one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. In addition to being funny and gentle, these dogs come in cheerful colors such as red and white … In addition, Beagle dogs are durable and strong and are able to adapt to all conditions.

7- Bedlington Terrier:

little dog race, Bedlington Terrier, small dog breeds
Bedlington Terrier

The height of these small breed dogs varies between 15 and 17.5 inches, their weight does not exceed 23 pounds and their average lifespan varies between 11 and 16 years. Although it is a small breed of dog, it is very ferocious when it comes to protecting its loved ones, so if you are looking for a loyal and energetic dog that doesn’t shed, we recommend the Bedlington Terrier. They have many advantages that make them pleasant and lively roommates, love caring, and seek to please their owners in every way.

These small breed dogs are graceful and energetic, have a clean, curly coat, a pronounced arch at the back, frilly ears, and a sword-shaped tail. These small dogs are distinguished by their light and harmonious movement which confirms their self-confidence.

8- Biewer Terrier:

miniature dog breeds, Biewer Terrier, small dog breed
Biewer Terrier

One of the best small breed dogs, it is elegant and very beautiful, it has long tricolor hair, its length varies between 7 and 11 inches, its weight is no more than 8 pounds and the average life expectancy is 16 years on average. These small dog races live with only one goal in life, which is love and affection, as it is considered one of the faithful members of the family able to endure a long time, especially when walking or training. These dogs remain small all their life even after having old age (dogs that stay small), so you will notice that they are sometimes funny and make you stay with them for a long time.



9- Bichon Frise:

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Bichon Frise

As they are small breed dogs, Biewer Terrier is ideal for adapting to family life, especially living with children, and they love to play and hug and quickly cling to their owners. Although these dogs are curious and try to protect their friends, they aren’t fighting dogs and treat everyone as non-strangers, all these factors make them ideal dogs for living in the city. Because they are very active, these dogs like to train all the time, they are very obedient and do not cause any anxiety to their owners.

As small breed dogs, it weighs between 12 and 18 pounds and is no longer than 11.5 inches in height, with large dark eyes, a curious round face, and a white, velvety coat. One of its most important characteristics is that it has little hair loss, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies.

10- Bolognese:

small dog race, small dog breeds that don't bark, small dog breeds that don't shed, Bolognese

It is a calm and gentle dog, one of the small breed dogs native to Italy, it has a very shy personality in case of strangers and does not like to be alone for a long time, because they are capricious dogs and like a company. This dog breed doesn’t like a lot of movement, but it needs a lot of training to control its behavior, suitable for people living in apartments. These beautiful dogs have a long soft white coat, weighing between 5.5 and 9 pounds and a maximum of 12 inches in length. As proof, they are very precious dogs, as they were presented as precious gifts between rich and powerful.


What is the most loyal small dog breed?

In fact, it’s a difficult question because the loyalty of any small breed dogs is mainly related to the way and the duration of the dog’s training in addition to how you behave with it, because the behavior and loyalty of dogs are due to several factors. According to the opinions of many experts and dog trainers (you can get this perfect dog training course), however, most small breeds of dogs are sweet and gentle as they are very obedient and deeply love their owners. But if you insist on knowing the names of some small loyal dog breeds, we recommend Chihuahua.

What is the most low maintenance small dog?

If you want to breed a dog, but you are very busy and can’t find enough time to take care of it, or you don’t want to spend a lot of extra effort to focus on the needs of your dog in terms of training and feeding … You are definitely looking for a small breed dogs that does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, all dogs need maintenance, but as most original dogs tend to have a somewhat stable lifestyle, which allows you to anticipate their needs.

We will therefore provide you with a list of small breeds of dogs that do not require a lot of grooming such as the Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, West Highland White Terrier, Brussels Griffon, etc.

After getting to know the best small breed dogs, you can share with us the names of other breeds that we may have forgotten.