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The best guide to a perfect dog training

Best Guide to a Perfect Dog Training
Best Guide to a Perfect Dog Training

Dog training or learning is based on different techniques that have evolved and take into account the needs of the dog and the goals of education. Dog training is a must because it means safety both the pet and his owner. For example, when your dog disappears during a walk, teaching him the basics will make it easier not to have a hard time getting him back to your house before it is too late. Keep reading to find out about some interesting dog training methods that will make you the perfect master!

The lure dog training:

The lure is a dog training method that enables us to move our dog into different positions without grabbing him. With a reward, you guide the dog to get the perfect behavior. For instance, you lift the treats above the candy piece and towards the dog’s ears to encourage him to sit in a movement that is natural to him. It takes a little practice, but it’s worth it to have a good dog training.

Luring is a technique that allows us to quickly establish behaviors that would take a lot longer if we tried to build them or to use any manipulation that your dog may resist.

The Clicker training for dogs:

Dog Clicker Training
Dog Clicker Training

Clicker training is a popular method of positive augmentation. It’s a simple and successful training method. The clicker is a metal strip put inside a small box that makes a distinct clicking sound when pressed.

To teach your dog this technique, give him a treat straightaway after clicking. Once your dog learns the effect of this sound, the clicker itself acts as a conditioned reinforcer.

You can find them in pet stores so easy. Start with your dog in a calm place.

Prepare his favorite treats, and of course, this should be done when your dog is hungry. Then press the clicker, and straightaway gives your dog a gift.

Repeat 5 to 10 times. After that, teach your dog some basic commands, and at the same moment, your dog performs the desired action, press the clicker.

Finally, give him some treat and applause. It is a really popular dog training technique that works every time!

Capturing behavior dog training:

You reward the dog when it spontaneously adopts the desired behavior. When the dog goes to sleep without being asked to do so, tell him “lay down” and give him a treat.

After a few exercises, he will have understood that going to bed on order will be rewarded.

Capturing your dog’s behavior is the most outstanding dog training technique to teach your pet. It requires the pet to think about the condition, and it also depends upon your patience and skill.

Use imitation to train dogs: 

Use imitation to train dogs
Use imitation to train dogs

This method is based on social learning. A specific protocol allows the dog to learn to imitate the actions of the human. For example, pick up an object or carry a bag.

According to a new study, it is shown that by imitation, the dog manages to imitate the movements of the body of its owner automatically.

This imitation is a crucial element of social learning in humans.

And as many studies show, it will allow the dog to acquire new behaviors very quickly and more efficiently than with conventional methods of dog training.

Get to know your dog:

Educating yourself about your dog’s needs is also fundamental.  All breeds of dogs do not necessarily have the same requirements.

A chihuahua and a Belgian shepherd have very different characteristics that you must consider. Reassure yourself; all dogs can be educated.

You should know that not every pet has the same needs.

Some dogs, for example, need a lot of exercises to feel good. Finding out about your pet’s needs, and being able to satisfy them will help you avoid some behavioral issues.


You do it with your friends to ease the tensions. Why not envolve it within your dog training! It is not proof of abandonment or relaxation!

It’s mostly a matter of understanding your dog’s needs, finding solutions so that he can adapt more quickly to what you expect from him! Your training will be beneficial!

For example, your dog ​tends to bark everywhere during walks. Instead of punishing it, teach it to bark on command, moreover, allow it to urinate on its favorite trees.

You will start to notice that it offers behaviors that you consider acceptable. For example, walk well on a leash, look at you, sit on command. This method is called Premack’s Law!