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Is chow chow a lazy dog? What’s the truth?

The chow chow is one of the most beautiful and elegant dog breeds in the world, and its lion-like appearance gives it prestige.
Although some say that the Chow Chow is a lazy dog, these dodgy dogs have been used mainly to guard houses and livestock for a long time. This use has made Chow Chow a rather strange character, as they tend to live in isolation from strangers and are sometimes aggressive if they are annoyed.
Although these dogs are stubborn, they are intelligent and creative, especially during training if they are well cared for from childhood, but you must be careful to control their very annoying barking.

Among the most frequently reported information by most dog breeders is that the Chow Chow is a lazy dog. So I often see questions like, is Chow Chow a lazy dog? Or other such questions. But most dog lovers don’t know the truth about this subject, so we wanted to answer this question in detail and on the basis of scientific research and personal experiences.

To know the truth, is chow chow a lazy dog or not? Let’s first know the temperament and behavior of this dog.

Is chow chow a lazy dog
Is chow chow a lazy dog

Chow Chow Temperament:

The chow chow is a dog that is essentially a guard dog and is relatively unsocial, although it is good for living with children and other animals, so it can be classified as a polite dog. The big disadvantage of this dog is that it has a very strong personality and likes to dominate people and other dogs.

Therefore, it is advisable to start his training at a young age and with professional dog trainers because this dog breed needs firm authority. Moreover, when you breed chow chow, you must be firm with him and define the rules he has to respect, so that he can’t dominate you, so you can’t train him.

Problems with this dog start when you allow him to think he is the boss of the house, so he becomes stubborn and aggressive as well as not easy to control. This is instinctive for dogs who always want their own area, so they need to be approached intelligently before becoming aggressive.
Chow chows are intelligent dogs that are able to perform a variety of training tasks such as dancing on their hind legs, jumping from behind, etc. In addition, these dogs love to move around a little and do occasional tricks.
Having experienced the most important characteristics of this breed, I think you have a simple idea if Chow Chows are a lazy dog. Let us know

Is chow chow a lazy dog?

To find out is Chow Chow a lazy Dog or not, Business Insider has partnered with Whistle, a dog collar manufacturing company and track activities, to make a unique and useful experience. They distributed these collars to 150,000 dogs spread over 100 breeds to test the activity level of each dog breed.

According to the data obtained, chow chow has proven to be one of the laziest American dogs. As one of the least active breeds on a daily basis, it moves an average of only 43 minutes and 22 seconds a day. The study also confirmed that the most active dogs averaged 138 minutes and 22 seconds per day, while the least active dogs averaged no more than 14 minutes and 27 seconds.

This test remains relative because its results are affected by several other factors such as the weight of the collar, the continuous non-use of the device and the weather … so we asked the question “Is the chow chow a lazy dog?” for some dog breeders.

A dog breeder assured us that she owned two males of this race and did not think that Chow Chow could be classified as a lazy dog. She also added that in the summer, when the weather is hot, these dogs prefer to stay at home in front of the air conditioner and do not move much, as their movement is limited to a short walk early in the morning or after sunset when the weather cools down.

But when the weather gets colder in winter and autumn, it’s completely different, chow chow becomes an active dog, likes to play and move around and likes to wander around outside the house for a long time.

Many other people have pointed out that Chow Chow dogs are not lazy but pretend to be when people force them to do things they don’t want to do or during intensive training. In addition, this dog breed hates rain and wet floors, so it avoids going out in such circumstances and pretends to be lazy. They added, that chow chow puppies have a lot of energy and like to move and play during the day.


In fact, whether Chow Chow dogs are lazy or not is relative, as it varies from dog to dog and from country to country …
But what we can confirm is that one of the reasons that make these dogs lazy is the shape of their straight hind legs, which makes their movement very difficult, in addition to the difficulty of adapting to certain weather conditions such as rain and high temperatures …

Moreover, the quantity and quality of the food he eats affect his movements and activity, as he is not a high-energy dog, he tries to divide his efforts throughout the day, they are intelligent and very stubborn dogs. Furthermore, focusing on activities that chow chow likes and enjoys doesn’t make them lazy.