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How to stop dog barking at night?

stop dog barking
How to stop dog barking at night

It’s too late, you’re tired, turn off your phone and go to bed ready to sleep, but your dog has a different opinion and is starting to bark now … it’s really frustrating even if you’re one of the most impatient people. Of course, the dog’s failure to stop barking also annoys you and the neighbors, which makes you embarrassed, the worst of all is that your dog makes you wake up by barking late, it’s really a big problem that needs to be solved quickly by knowing how to stop dog barking at night.

Like most behavioral problems, it is not possible to prevent the dog from barking all night overnight. Only by knowing the real causes of barking at night and trying to treat it gradually can this annoying problem be completely eliminated. Therefore, in what follows, we will show you how to find out the real causes of barking as well as several effective strategies to stop your dog from barking all night.

Why does the dog keep barking at night?

  • In some cases, without you realizing it, you are the main reason why your dog barks all night long by getting a reward when it barks during training or at any other time, which makes it a link between barking and getting a reward.
  • Some dogs bark at people and animals passing in front of them at night, which is an instinctive behavior.
  • Some breeds of high-energy dogs such as Border Collies and Huskies, if they don’t get enough training during the day to wear them out, they may be bored at night and not be able to sleep, which makes them want to attract your attention by barking.
  • Some dogs are hypersensitive to noise, which makes them highly motivated to react to any noise they encounter, so you find them barking day and night for no apparent reason.
  • A dog may bark at night because it feels uncomfortable, as it may be cold, hungry, physically uncomfortable, or unable to move in its crate …
  • There are many dogs that bark all night just because they feel lonely, which leads to their feelings of fear. Especially dogs that sleep alone in their crate after turning off the lights, which makes them afraid of being alone and start barking.

Now that we know the most common causes of this behavior, let’s discover the most effective ways to stop dog barking all night long.

How to stop dog barking at night?

In fact, it is not possible to stop a dog from barking at night overnight, but it may be that all you have to do is follow a few simple strategies that we will share with you now.

How to stop dog barking at night How to stop puppy from barking at night
How to stop a puppy from barking at night

Of course, there is a solution to this problem, but I think some of them you will not like it because you are very attached to your dog and very sensitive to it, but make sure that these tips that we provide to stop dogs barking all night are provided by many certified trainers such as Shoshi Parks.

  • First of all, you need to convince your dog that barking and whining for no reason will not get your attention or make you worry about them, in short, ignore it completely, don’t go up to it, don’t yell at it, don’t try to calm it down, as this will make it think that barking gives it what it wants with ease. But by ignoring them they will stop because this strategy no longer brings them any benefit and they will therefore be forced to change their behavior.
  • If you are sure that your dog feels lonely and fearful at night, it’s normal to make it sleep with you in the bedroom or even in bed, which is fine and no problem for you, on the contrary, many studies indicate that sleeping in the same bed with your dog gives you better sleep at night. This way you can stop the dog from barking at night and at the same time get a good and restful night’s sleep.
  • To stop dog barking at night, some sedative products can be used, such as sedative supplements and white noise generators. Although this does not fundamentally solve the problem, it does help to improve the dog’s behavior. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian before using these sedatives.
  • To overcome this problem, you can increase the duration of your dog’s training sufficiently, as this issue helps to resolve the behavioral problems of companion dogs. This effectively helps to stop dog barking at night, you can find all the necessary training exercises in this article.
  • You can also bring a companion to your dog to comfort its loneliness at night and thus overcome the problem of barking at night.

It is recommended that you try each strategy separately so that you can identify exactly which change really helped stop dog barking at night! Or if your dog is really annoying, try all the interventions at once, but make sure that you don’t know which ones are helpful and which ones are a waste of time. In your experience, what has helped your dog stop barking at night? We want you to tell us.

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