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How To Get Brain Training For Dogs Book?

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brain training for dogs

There is nothing more enjoyable in life than having a faithful and professionally trained dog, but when it comes to training a dog, the goals differ from person to person and trainer to trainer. In addition to basic training that every dog needs to master, there is a very important challenge, which is to make your dog smarter and able to master many skills that other dogs cannot. If you want to train your dog to be obedient, there are many entertaining games that will cognitively stimulate him and make it one of the smartest dogs in the world, all of which you will find in Brain Training For Dogs book written by the famous dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli.

A simple and effective strategy for dog training has recently been revealed by one of the best trainers in the world (Adrienne Farricelli). With this training, you can remove a dog’s bad behavior and train it in obedience in addition to developing its mental abilities. Therefore, Brain Training for Dogs (BT4D) has become the most popular and the best course to train all dog breeds throughout history, this course is all you need to make your dog obedient and intelligent as it consists of PDfs and many videos or programs capable of training your dog. Let’s talk about how to get Brain Training for Dogs, but first, we will find out a lot of information about this training.

We will also give you at the end of this article a free gift, which is a famous dog training book, valued at $47, all for free, in order to help you to train your dogs.

What Is Brain Training For Dogs?

Since many dog trainers or certified training centers still rely on traditional methods such as using force or dominance demonstration to control and train dogs. Because this method is very dangerous for any dog’s psychological health, came Brain Training For Dogs, which is a complete dog training course for any breed is designed for dog owners and trainers who want to have obedient dogs in a smooth and forceless way. It’s the creation of the famous dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli.

This training program uses the Positive Reinforcement Method to extract the dog’s hidden intelligence by increasing the trust between the dog and trainer without the use of force. This program is based mainly on the training of the dog’s brain. What makes this training very special compared to other courses is its reliance on the “herd of wolves” that makes you act as a group leader in your dog’s life. We all know that the group leader commands trust and respect, which means that your dog must obey you during training and never ignore your orders during and after training.

If you want to become a leader in your dog’s life and be able to train him more effectively, you can get Brain Training for Dogs from here.

About Adrienne Farricelli Is she credible?

We cannot summarize Adrienne Farricelli’s experience in just a few lines, she is the founder of Brain Training For Dogs besides many other dog training courses and she has a huge experience in this domain. Moreover, she has wonderful qualifications and she is able to train dogs in a simple and efficient way without complications in a very short period of time. Adrienne Farricelli’s career started in Italy, where she followed many trainings and then became a professional CPDT-KA dog trainer in the United States of America, which means that she got a certificate issued by the independent canine training consultant.

In order to obtain this certificate, the participant is subjected to a very high number of hours in training as well as many strict requirements, the training ends with a national exam of several hours that is reviewed by a professional veterinarian. After obtaining this certificate, Adrienne Farricelli participated as a CPDT-KA dog trainer in several continuing education courses to maintain her certification and keep up with the latest developments in dog training as well as to develop her qualifications. She also publishes many useful articles in some American magazines such as USA Today.

About brain training for dogs ebook:

Before you decide to have the Brain Training for Dogs program, let us know more information as it is perfect for you to have an obedient and professionally trained dog.

What You Get Inside the ‘Brain Training For Dogs’ Online Course:

This wonderful training contains a very rich content of information that will help you to train your dog like professional trainers and why you don’t become one of them, it is divided into 7 training units, each of which differs from the other by the richness of the content and the complete briefing of your faithful dog. Let’s discover the brain training of dogs by going through all its modules in detail:

If you don’t want to read, you can learn about the content of Brain Training for Dogs in the video below.

Brain Training For Dogs
Inside the ‘Brain Training For Dogs


It is the basic unit on which the whole course is based, where you will learn how to train your dog to benefit from all his extraordinary mental strength and to respect all your orders. Inside this unit, you will learn the following:

  • How to make your dog maintain his interest in you full-time by adopting what Adrienne Farricelli has called ” target training “. Using this method, you can allow your dog to open the door, turn off the lights, and even bring a drink to the fridge.
  • Learn the ” magic little way ” that makes the connection between you and your dog very strong by making him look into your eyes with complete concentration and thus be extremely obedient.
  • Master the ” airplane game “, which is a simple way to make your dog able to look you in the eyes and pay attention to you as a reward if it has mastered your commands.


After getting the basics training, I think that your dog is ready to take the next step and improve his skills by using all his senses to perform your commands. In this unit you will get:
Eliminate the boredom that can affect your dog through the “treasure hunt game”, where your dog can find his evolutionary roots and thus avoid many behavioral problems.
– Mentally motivate your dog with the ” The muffin game “, keeping him away from bad behavior.
– A clever and great way to drain your dog’s energy while it enjoys playing, training, and making it obedient so it is easy to manage with the “The ball pit game”.


At this stage, thanks to Brain Training for Dogs, you will be able to teach your dog patience and control his emotions through the following activities:

  • Calm your dog in a very short time, no matter how emotional he is, through “jazz music and settle down”.
  • Adopt the bottle game to stimulate your dog’s mind a lot while following it with a little exercise so that it can act wonderfully.
  • Eliminate your dog’s fear of water by getting excitement and rewards.


In this unit, you will be able to develop your dog’s motor skills and increase his concentration on obeying your commands with:

  • A shell game to develop his mental agility and increase his activity.
  • To increase your dog’s patience and to teach him calm, you can use the open sesame game.
  • Use the magic Carpet game to increase your dog’s patience and develop his skills.


After all this training, you will now focus on helping your dog to master his impulses so that he can behave well, through the following games:

  • Help your dog to overcome all the difficulties he may encounter if he is left alone through the game of hide-and-seek which creates a strong bond between you and it.
  • Strengthen your dog’s self-confidence and help it to develop by adopting the warm and cold game.
  • Develop your dog’s ability to concentrate with you and not pay attention to its environment and the disturbances that can occur such as dog barking and other sounds.

You can find all of these skills in Brain Training for Dogs, so not only are there many other secrets that you need to know through this training that you can get from here:

Brain Training for Dogs

MODULE 6 of brain training for dogs: GRADUATION

At this step, you will be able to develop your dog’s intelligence and move on to the professional level in training:
Using serpentine and spirals, you will train your dog to follow your movements while walking and to stay at your side.
– Improve your dog’s cognitive abilities with the name recognition game. It will be able to distinguish all things when you pronounce its name.


From now on, you have the right to be proud of your genius dog in front of your friends, especially since he is able to organize its toys, play the piano and open the door, inside this latest brain training for dogs unit that you will discover:

  • After mastering the arrangement toy, your dog will be able to arrange its toy after finishing it. This is a secret and wonderful trick that you will only find in this training.
  • The surprising fact is that your dog will master playing the piano. Yes, it is true and real. By brain training for dogs, you’ll get an obedient dog that can perform.

Isn’t that magical and precious? You will have a friend who is both loyal and intelligent. So what are you waiting for? If you really love your dog, get the best dog training here.

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We will also give you at the end of this article a free gift, which is a famous dog training book, valued at $47, all for free, in order to help you to train your dogs.

Does brain training for dogs work?

In my personal experience, Brain Training for dogs is very useful and works effectively, as it is able to solve most dog training problems and make dogs obedient in a simple and quick process. In addition, all the methods used in this training program provide real and practical solutions to common problems that dog owners or even trainers may face. All you have to do is be prepared to work properly on this training and be ready to confront some challenges that you may encounter during the course to achieve great success.

One of the important things to remember is that this training program is beneficial for all dog breeds, and anyone can apply it without needing any special skills. Just get it from here and start applying it without making any effort.

What’s the Price of Brain Training For Dogs?

Although brain training for dogs is a treasure in the true sense of the word, you can get it at a very reasonable and affordable price. But what you need to know is that a lot of work and time has been spent to achieve this wonderful dog training by Adrienne Farricelli that will make your dog obedient and you will be able to control it as you wish. You also buy this book once at a low price, only $47!. You can use it throughout your life to train your dogs or to develop your dog training skills. I don’t think you will hesitate for a moment this golden opportunity as the product is great value for money.

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Brain training for dogs reviews:

Brain training for dogs reviews, Brain training for dogs review, Brain training for dogs
Brain training for dogs reviews

Before we do a complete review of the brain training for dogs, let’s talk a little about what I will find in this training after having received it. You will get an e-book full of puzzles and games that you can play at home with your dog. This training also includes video examples with a detailed explanation of each game or training, which is easy to understand and apply to everyone. In addition to all of this, be aware that all the types of training you will receive do not require a lot of brainpower from your dog, which helps maintain the dog’s mental and physical health.

I just wanted to reassure you about this training, it is very useful and serious and is not any kind of fraud, so don’t worry about this program. Below, I’m going to give you some opinions from real people who have benefited from this course. You can also search on Facebook and Reddit and you will find many positive Brain Training for Dogs Adrienne Farricelli reviews:

Brain Training for Dogs Reviews, Brain Training for Dogs, free Brain Training for Dogs
Brain Training for Dogs Review

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Benefits of Brain Training For Dogs:

Before I talk about the benefits of Adrienne Farricelli’s book, I want to assure you that I feel very comfortable after taking this training. It is very informative and consists of seven units that represent the different levels that your dog will go through during training, all of which have one objective, which is to improve your dog’s behavior and make it develop new skills and tricks to increase its intelligence.

Here are some benefits you will get if you follow this dog training program:

  • The cost of brain training for dogs is very reasonable and is less expensive than the cost of hiring a certified trainer, which can cost you over $50.
  • When you get this training, it will stay with you for life and you will be able to use it as you wish, especially since it is valid for all dog breeds in addition to puppies.
  • When you invest your money in this course, you are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • You will get a very obedient dog in record time.
  • You will get 21 games to increase your dog’s intelligence.
  • Brain Training for Dogs is easy to use and even beginners can master it.
  • In addition to the course, you will be able to register in the interactive forum, where you will be in contact with thousands of dog lovers who discuss all kinds of dog problems and help each other to solve them.
  • This is a highly unique training course, created by a CPDT-KA certified trainer.

Knowing the benefits that you will get when you get Brain Training for Dogs, you can get your copy immediately from here:Brain Training for Dogs

Limitations Of Brain Training for Dogs Program:

Of course, while Brain Training For Dogs book is very wonderful and I admire it very much, I will be objective and not take sides, but I will talk about all the limitations of this program.
Of course, I am presenting a scientific and neutral review, so I will mention the most important flaw of this program, which is that its videos cannot be downloaded on your computer, which means that there is no training if the Internet is not available.

Why Should You Select Online Brain Training for Dogs program?

We all agree that any training is better than no training unless you have a puppy or an adult dog, training is an absolute requirement and can never be abandoned. Therefore, I wanted to review with you Brain Training for Dogs because it offers the advantages and benefits that can quickly transform your dog into an obedient animal:

  • Thanks to this training course written by Adrienne Farricelli, you will have the magical opportunity to be the best friend of your dog and to strengthen communication between you and your dog.
  • You will be able to have absolute control over the world of dog training and communicate better with your dog.
  • You won’t believe how quickly your dog’s behavior will improve and turn into a very intelligent pet in record time, especially if you have a puppy that will be trained to use the bathroom easily.
  • This course is inexpensive compared to hiring a certified dog trainer to care for your dog.
  • There is a trial period, which means you can get your money back if you don’t like Brain Training for Dogs Adrienne Farricelli course.

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Bonus E-Book: Behaviour Training for Dogs

With this training you will get a reward which is a book that contains a complete training on the behavior of dogs, it provides you with several tips to eliminate behavior problems such as digging, moaning, barking … you know that Behavior Training for Dogs is also written by the famous dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli so is full of useful tips and many pictograms to facilitate understanding.Brain Training for dogs

How long does it take a dog to get trained?

It takes five to six weeks to train your dog basic skills, but actually knowing how long you need to train your dog is a relative question and no one can know in advance, as training varies from breed to breed and it’s due to the skill of the trainer. If you want to have an obedient and calm pet dog, you can allow ten minutes twice a day to train your dog in the skills of concentration and paying attention to your commands, and this takes about five weeks. After that, it will take another four weeks to teach your dog the rest of the basic skills such as walking and sitting…

After that, you will need one month to enter the basic audit phase, which means you will train your dog in advanced skills, develop his intelligence, and get a professionally trained dog. Be sure to start training at a young age, no more than three months of the dog’s age, so by seven months of age, you will have a well-trained dog and master many skills. Once you know how much time you need to train your dog, here’s the fact by using Dog Brain Training pdf you can shorten it to more than five weeks and get a professionally trained dog in record time.

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Personally, I highly recommend buying the Brain Training for Dogs book because it is a real treasure that will change your vision of dog training and make you a professional who owns an obedient dog. Make sure that this training program is invaluable because it offers a wonderful and exclusive opportunity to have fun with your dog, and it is written in a great way that makes it funny and useful at the same time. Simply if you need to start your new life with your dog today click the ‘Instant Access’ button below.