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How to choose the best dog food for Puppies

How to choose the best dog food for Puppies
How to choose the best dog food for Puppies

The new puppies are impressive and beautiful, they enter your heart at first glance! It’s soft and irresistible.
Our thinking is always about how to keep these puppies and their beauty.

Without a doubt, it all starts with providing him with healthy food and choosing the best dog food types for our little puppies from day one.

Still in the choice of dog food, we adopt many criteria, especially concerning small puppies, we must focus more on their dog food needs of growing food.

Everyone knows that puppies are very sensitive animals and need a lot of care and commitment.
For this reason, you need to create a solid foundation to take care of your little puppy.
Choosing the right type of dog food is the first step to achieving this.

So, let us help you choose the best food for your puppy.

How to choose the best food for your puppy:

There are many options for dog food, which makes it very difficult to choose one of them.
But to know what is the best food for your puppy, you need to know your puppy’s food needs, according to his breed and age…

The feeding process for newborn puppies, especially during the first three months, requires regular and careful care.
At this time, the puppy will begin to gradually switch from the breast milk diet to the puppy’s diet.
This is why it must be removed for short and long periods of time from its mother.
This step is very important for the puppy to gradually get rid of the mother’s care.
This process is called weaning, and it is desirable that it begins from the third week.

All of the above-mentioned steps remind us of healthy puppy food that completely replaces breast milk.
Throughout the weaning period, the puppy is given processed dog food after being soaked in warm water to maintain the puppy’s body temperature.
Food should be provided several times a day to maintain blood sugar levels, and in case of side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting, consult the veterinarian very quickly.

After knowing the most important criteria on which we base our choice of the best puppy food, let’s go, dear reader, we will talk about some examples of these foods.

What is the best puppy food:

What is the best puppy food
What is the best puppy food

During this sensitive period of a puppy’s life, the food you provide should contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals to help the puppy grow in a balanced and correct way.
Below you will find the most important dog foods for puppies and their components:

Natural fats (proteins):

Natural fats are essential food that should be included in a puppy’s diet.
It contains essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, which ensure the puppy’s balanced and healthy growth.

These foods can be found in chicken fats and safflower oil.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for a puppy’s health.
It also contains antioxidants that help improve all aspects of physical function and can help your puppy avoid diseases such as cancer.

This food can be prepared at home and can also be purchased in dog food stores.

Whole meat (“human quality”):

It is one of the best dog foods that can help the puppy grow strong and fast.
The term “human quality” means that this product intended for petfood complies with the same standards approved for human consumption.
In other words, he has undergone a rigorous and thorough examination, so you can be assured that your puppy is eating food that is considered good enough to eat.

Whole grains:

Whole grains are a vital component of a puppy’s diet.
They are easy to digest and contain fiber, energy, and carbohydrates.

This type of food can be obtained in dog food stores.

Amino acids:

The puppy needs amino acids in his food because they are the building blocks of proteins.
These acids contribute to the balanced growth of the puppy and also provide a lot of energy.

Vitamins and minerals:

In order to ensure the growth and development of your puppy in good health, make sure that he needs a variety of vitamins and minerals in specific amounts.
These minerals are calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, and chloride.
But the most important of these vitamins are A, D, E, K, C, and B.

Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food?:

Everyone knows that puppies have special nutritional needs that are completely different from what adult dogs need to stay healthy and grow up healthy.
At this stage of his life, the puppy grows very quickly, so he consumes a lot of energy every day, but not all these nutritional needs can be met by an adult dog food composition.

Complete diet plan for puppies:

In the end, we will offer you a complete diet plan for puppies.
We hope you will be satisfied with it. If you would like to know more, feel free to ask your questions and suggestions in the comments below this article.

Complete diet plan for puppies
Complete diet plan for puppies

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to know more about everything about dogs, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments. Dogs Services team is there to answer them.
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