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Dog Mating Secrets

Dog Mating Secrets
Dog Mating Secrets

Dogs are considered one of the closest pets to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of her and to know all the details of her life to protect her and preserve her health.

Among the most important details are dog mating, the duration of pregnancy a dog and the symptoms of birth. All of these topics and others we will discuss in this article:


Dog mating âge:

Dog mating âge
Dog mating âge

Most dogs can mate around six months of age for both males and females. However, there is always an exception since some dogs mate after one year of birth. For dogs weighing more than 70 kg mate after two years.

Dogs can mate once every six months, i.e. twice a year.

To ensure rapid confirmation of fertilization, the female mates with many dogs.

The Dog mating process:

The dog mating process can take up to 9 days. To guarantee fertilization, mating is done several times over 3 days.

During the mating of the dogs, a lot of calm must be provided for the operation to be successfully completed.

After Dog mating signs of pregnancy:

Although there are many ways to find out if a dog is pregnant, X-rays are still the most effective and efficient method, but they can only be used after 45 days of pregnancy.

It should be noted that, from the 25th day of the dog’s pregnancy, the small puppies could be found by touching the female’s belly.

During this period, the dog must be presented regularly to the veterinarian.

In addition to scientific methods, it is possible to know whether a dog is pregnant or not, through changes in behavior or physiology:

About behavioral changes, we notice that the dog is more breathless than usual and moans very softly, in addition to her tendency to complete isolation, overall the last days of pregnancy.

In the last days of pregnancy, some dogs prepare their homes to prepare for childbirth by putting blankets on… 

They also become very hostile and we advise children to stay away from them.

Regarding physiological changes, there is an increase in the dog’s weight and abdominal hypertrophy.

In addition to a significant increase in nipple size from day 35 for breastfeeding preparation, these glands continue to grow until the last days before delivery.

Pregnancy duration for dogs:

The duration of pregnancy in dogs can vary between 58 and 63 days for dogs that will have a natural birth.

Some dogs deliver a little less or more than this duration.

The number of small puppies born varies from breed to breed depending on the size of the dog.

But in general, they are between 4 and 12 puppies each time.

Childbirth for a dog:

During the 24 hours before delivery, we notice that the dog is very tense and she is never interested in food.

Cramps are also observed in the abdomen with the flow of mucus secretions.

A dog can deliver sitting, standing or sleeping next to her.

The appearance of the first puppy between 1 and 2 hours after the beginning of the contractions.

The owner of the dog must be at her side during the delivery to encourage and help her.

For adequate rest after childbirth, the mother needs 15 to 60 minutes.

During childbirth, the person next to the dog must be familiar so as not to be afraid.

Dog Hybridization:

It is possible to hybridize between all types of dogs because they all have the same qualities, genes, and genetic chains. This is the reason why many breeders do crossbreeding between different types of dogs to obtain better qualities that meet their needs.

Tips for Dog Mating :

Tips for Dog Mating
Tips for Dog Mating

– As for nutrition, during the dog’s pregnancy should have a balanced and integrated food containing all the nutrients necessary for her health and the fetus.

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, the dog is fed foods containing natural proteins such as red meat and eggs. 

for the rest of the days of pregnancy, we double the amount of food given to the mother. We increase the number of meals per day while reducing their quantity with the mandatory presence of clean and permanent water near them because they need liquids throughout the pregnancy.

– If the duration of delivery exceeds 6 hours, the veterinarian must intervene to facilitate the delivery.

-When you notice that your dog does not produce milk from his breast, contact your pharmacist directly for the appropriate medications.

– If you notice that one of the puppies is very weak, try to bring him near his mother’s breast to breastfeed or give him formula. 

– Puppies can be fed 21 days after birth.

Finally, we hope you have benefited from everything related to pregnancy and childbirth of the dog. We are looking forward to your comments and opinions on this article.

In case you would like more details, please leave your questions in the comments under the subject.