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Black Cane Corso Dog All Secrets You Need To Know

The black cane Corso is a strong and beautiful dog breed, it is very prestigious and has a great personality. Many dog breeders choose this wonderful dog breed.
Cane Corso dogs truly deserve the title of the distinguished breed, because they have preserved their appearance and skills for centuries without any problems.
Although many people consider these dogs to be cruel breeds that are not appropriate for breeding at home, the Black cane Corso was actually considered a faithful friend. In this article, we will discover all the secrets of this wonderful dog breed.

Black Cane Corso Dog All Secrets
Black Cane Corso Dog All Secrets

Black Cane Corso Origin: 

Contrary to what many people might think, the black Cane Corso has nothing to do with Corsica! Yes, it’s true: the Corso cane simply means a dog in the Italian language, because it has been bred in the Italian countryside since ancient times.

So, come to think of it, the black Cane Corso is an Italian animal that comes directly from the south of Italy because of the pollination of some other Roman dog breeds. Other names for this dog can be found like the Italian court dog, the origin of this name can be traced back to the use of the Corso cane on a large scale in Italian peasant farms since ancient times.

While the ancestors of these Mastiffs were ingenious and very powerful due to their use in the Roman army since ancient times, with the decline of the Roman Empire, the black Cane Corso was adopted to guard cattle in the Italian countryside.

Today, the black Cane Corso dog is widely used as a guard dog in several regions of southern Italy. As for Europe, America and the rest of the world, this dog is used as a domestic pet.

Officially, the first black Cane Corso dog came to America in 1988.

Official Standard of the black Cane Corso:

In addition to its black color, the Cane Corso dog has many physical characteristics that make it an excellent dog. Let’s know all these characteristics:

General appearance: It is a medium-sized Italian dog breed with a large head. Moreover, it is characterized by a solid skeleton and protruding muscles that help it to move with great ease and give it a lot of prestige and elegance.

Weight: Female: From 40 kg to 45 kg.

               Male:     From 44 kg to 50 kg.

Size:     Female:   From 60 cm to 64 cm.

              Male:       From 64 cm to 68 cm.

Head: The skull of this dog is very broad and slightly arched, the stop is clearly marked. The muzzle is very broad and also deep.

Eyes: This breed of dog has medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes that are not round or bulging. Eye color varies from dog to dog, often black or brown.

Coat: The coat of the black Cane Corso is short, glossy, sticky and dense with a slight undercoat that thickens in winter.

Gait: The original Cane Corso was characterized by a fluid and powerful but effortless movement.
If you look at it from the side while walking, you will notice that the upper level remains flat.

Neck, upper line: This dog has a slightly curved black neck, flowing smoothly over the shoulders, and the length of the neck is about one-third of the height at the withers.

Life expectancy: The life expectancy of a black Cane Corso is, on average, between 10 and 11 years.

Black Cane Corso price:

For those who wish to breed the Black Cane Corso dog should be aware that the purchase price is between 1,100 $ and 1,600 $. As for the annual maintenance cost of the Cane Corso, they range from 1850 to 1900 dollars.

Black Cane Corso Health:

There are no particular health problems for this breed of dog, they are strong and durable dogs, but some black Cane Corso suffer from coxofemoral dysplasia of the thighs, it is a rare disease that must be carefully monitored by the veterinarian.
To protect and secure your loyal dog if he is at risk of health problems, we recommend that you read this article on dog health insurance.

Black Cane Corso Food:

High-quality dog food must be provided for Corso’s black cane, she can eat commercially produced food or food prepared at home with the supervision and approval of her veterinarian.
Some dogs tend to gain a lot of weight, so you will need to arrange your dog’s diet according to your daily energy expenditure.
The amount of treatment given during training should be minimized as it causes obesity in dogs.
Fresh, clean water must be available at all times.

Black Cane Corso Training:

First of all, we have to agree that the black Cane Corso dogs needed a professional trainer to be able to train them easily and safely. It is also important that the training of the Cane Corso be strict, but not severe.
This dog is known for its stubbornness and strong personality if it notices the leniency of its trainer, so if you are a beginner in the dog training subject, you don’t need to experiment with this breed.

His master should not look tired or exhausted so as not to alter Corso’s mood. In general, this dog is very intelligent, so it is easy to teach him the training commands.

Black Cane Corso Maintenance and Hygiene:

The black Cane Corso does not require a great deal of effort for its maintenance:

A small brush stroke from time to time, an inspection of the hair after returning from each walk or the science of training and regular cleaning of the eyes and ears will be more than enough.
To avoid problems with your dog, Cane Corso should be accustomed to brushing and cleaning the eyes from an early age so that he gets used to them naturally and permanently.

How to choose a Black Cane Corso for adoption:

When you decide to look for Black Cane Corso to be bred at home, you should consult and talk to a renowned dog breeder with experience in the details of pet breeding.
On average, a female gives birth to 4 to 6 Cane Corso puppies and the gestation period lasts about 8 weeks.

When meeting a dog breeder, many people ask: What questions should be asked before buying a puppy?
We will save you a lot of effort and provide you with the most important questions to ask the dog breeder that you want to buy her puppy.

When choosing a black Corso Cane Corso, discuss the most important characteristics you would like to have in your future dog, such as weight, eye color, types of pollination the puppy has taken… in order to obtain the perfect Corso.

In addition, these properties will help the breeder choose the right Cane Corso for you.
Try to get all the information about the breeder’s dog such as how to communicate with the puppy, what his habits are, vaccination schedules and worm elimination, and any other diseases, such as looking for a joint dysplasia.
It’s very important to meet the puppy’s fathers, so you can get an idea of their characters to see if they are friendly and social and if their seed is good for you and your family.

Black Cane Corso Puppy:

What should I look for when buying a Black Cane Corso puppy?

How to choose Corso Cane puppies? This question is one of the biggest challenges facing anyone who wants to buy a new puppy. First of all, we need to determine the most important characteristics we are looking for in the dog we are looking for.
When we really get what we want, it gets easier. So, at that moment, we can start to choose:

There are many effective techniques that experts recommend for choosing Cane Corso puppies.

First of all, it is very important to choose a sociable puppy with a very good personality to ensure communication between him and family members, if you want a dog just for decoration. If you are one of the people looking for a guard dog, you should choose a puppy that was tall and muscular Corso so that he can later maintain and protect the family.
There are also many people who have a dog at home and want to have a Cane Corso puppy and to avoid all the problems that can happen with the old dog, you should choose a social puppy that can adapt to live with other animals.

How much is a puppy Cane Corso?

Those who want to buy a black Cane Corso puppy the first thing that comes to mind, what is the average price of the Corso cane puppy? In order to make sure that he is able to buy this dog, we will provide you with all the relevant information.
Sometimes you can find a Cane Corso puppy for $500, through an ad in a newspaper or by a non-professional dog breeder.
If you would deal with a famous dog breeder, who does regular check-ups and provides all the necessary care for the dogs, the price will vary between 1500 and 4000 dollars.

Cane Corso Dog Photos:

At the end of the article, we wanted to give you a little gift that we hope you will like. This gift is a short video that contains many pictures of the black Cane Corso.