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Best 9 Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Our dog is a member of the family and is also a faithful companion, but we must admit that he adds many responsibilities, including all the daily chores, the most important of which is cleaning the hair that the dog leaves all over the house.

Especially when dog hair accumulates, this task becomes more difficult, which threatens the health of the whole family, including the dog.
Achieving “zero hair” in the home is something we fight every day, but with a little good hygiene, we can prevent the dog from losing a lot of hair.

Contrary to what many people think, once you know what type of hair your dog has, it becomes very easy to get rid of it. By adopting a few tips and tricks, which we will discuss in this article, it becomes very easy to clean the dog’s hair.

Best 9 Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair
Best 9 Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Preventive methods to avoid dog hair in the home:

To avoid this problem, the dog can stay outside as much as possible, giving them a comfortable space to play or sleep, as well as training them not to climb on the sofa and to remove blankets and sleep on the clothes …

To avoid having too much dog hair in the house, personally, I use the dog’s regular brush as it is one of the best and most effective solutions to get rid of excess hair while playing outside of the house, I gently scrape the dog’s hair to get rid of unwanted hair at the same time, it is a fun time for the dog and effective to get rid of the hair.

When doing this procedure, you must choose the most effective and suitable brush for your dog: you will have to take into consideration the size and thickness of his hair … because you should not pull out the good hairs that grow.
The sleeping basket should be assigned to the dog and placed on the tiles inside the house.

The most classic tips for removing dog hair:

Dogs can put their hair everywhere they go, including at home, which makes them very uncomfortable and unacceptable for many people.
Don’t worry, dear reader, for every problem there is always a solution.
Below, we propose some simple and effective tips for cleaning dog hair in the home:

Use of gloves from home for cleaning dog hair:

Yes, don’t be surprised: the rubber gloves we use to clean the house are an effective way to get rid of your dog’s hair in fabrics, such as clothes, carpets and the top of the couch.
All you have to do is place it on the surface of the fabric you wish to clean and rub it in a circular motion. The dog’s hair will be removed in a few seconds and quite easily.

With a damp cloth:

If it’s a question of removing the dog’s hair stuck to the floor, we’ll run a damp cloth over the floor and you’ll easily notice the difference within seconds.

Use a roll of tape to pick up loose dog hair:

Sometimes when you decide to go to work or do certain things, you notice that your clothes are full of dog hair. We all know that this is very annoying and causes us a lot of trouble, but don’t worry, I have a solution.
You can simply keep a roll of tape or wrapping paper next to the door to get rid of this hair because it is quick and effective.
In my house, I keep a roll of tape in the kitchen drawer that I only use to remove dog hair from clothes and furniture.
The tape can be replaced with beads of hair, but its only drawback is that it wears out faster and is, therefore, more expensive.

Use a window squeegee to get rid of dog hair:

The same squeegee we use to remove all the dog’s nose prints on windows can also be used to remove the dog’s hair. These things work very effectively to remove your pet’s hair from the carpet. All we have to do is rub it along the carpet with a few strokes to finally get a big pile of dog hair that was attached to the carpet.

Using a razor:

Using a razor to remove dog hair is perfectly appropriate for sweaters. As with shaving, simply run the razor over the part of the garment with hair.
However, be careful not to press too hard, as this may tear the garment. It is a very effective method for removing even the smallest of dog hairs.


These are the black stones found in the supermarket and are used to remove dead skin from the feet.
They are also used to remove dog hair from carpets and sofas. To do this effectively, the stone must be rubbed down on the surface. The hairs will then be gathered on the lower part, and all you have to do is remove them.

Use Vacuum for cleaning dog hair :

It may seem obvious to everyone, but it’s still the best way to remove the dog hair that decorates your sofa or carpet.
It is necessary to vacuum regularly and to use a nozzle with a brush to clean more easily the fabrics (armchair, curtains, cushions…).
This method does not take much time and is very effective.

The brushes:

There are several types of brushes that can help you in your daily cleanings, such as the adhesive brush, the suede brush, the rubber brush with spikes, or the electrostatic brush.
All these brushes can help you get rid of dog hair on clothes, furniture, etc…
Attention, for the electrostatic brush, you must brush in the same direction.

Use the softening wipe to remove dog hair:

Softening wipes are great for picking up dog hair. The softening wipes that you throw in your dryer will find a second use in this case: use them to wipe the fabric cushions of your sofa or your clothes, the dog hair will stick to them.

What are your favorite ways to get rid of dog hair?

Do you have any additional tips for cleaning dog hair or bending a solution to keep your pet’s hair under control?
Do you use a lint roller, tape, vacuum cleaner or other tools to handle pet hair?
Please share, in the comments section, other tips I can add to my dog’s hair removal list. Don’t skimp on us with your tips and experiences so that everyone can benefit.