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9 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Any Dog

When we talk about dog training, the first thing we think about is the basic dog training commands such as sit, come and stay … In fact, these commands are very important to get an obedient dog but no less important is the use of easy dog tricks to teach dogs.

These tricks will be ideal for starting to teach your dog new things, especially if you find that your dog is unable to assimilate commands quickly. All of these tips will motivate and inspire you to have a good time training your dog and ultimately create a closer bond with your dog.

Below you’ll find a set of easy dog tricks list to train your loyal friend. Enjoy!

9 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Any Dog
9 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Any Dog

Easy Dog Tricks:

Dog tricks are an effective way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog. But to be useful, you must know all the correct techniques and the right amount of training to achieve excellent results and an obedient dog.

Dog Trick 1:  Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands

If you want your dog to appear soft and polite in front of your friends, shake your hand and welcome you home, what you need to do is teach him the “handshake” trick. This trick is one of the easiest and simplest dogs training tricks a puppy can master even at an early age.

To master this dog trick, you need to follow a few simple steps:
First, you should make the dog sit in your front, and when he lifts his foot, click on his paw with your hand and give him a treat as a reward, then repeat this command five times.

After that, wait a little while until the dog lifts its paw by itself, click on it and give it a treat.
At an advanced stage of training, say the word “paw” to your dog, and each time he lifts his paw, clicks on it and gives him a treatment.
After you have perfected this training, you can adjust this tip by rewarding the dog when he automatically raises his paw if he meets you.

Dog Trick 2: How To Teach a Dog His Name?

One of the most important things for dog breeders is knowing how to teach a dog his name, which makes the process of communicating with your dog easier and gives you the importance when you call him.
This fun dog trick can be applied to all dogs, regardless of breed.

The idea of teaching a dog to recognize his name is to teach your dog that by mentioning his name, something great is coming!
Begin the training process when the dog is enjoying playing, simply say your dog’s name, using a specific indication (e.g., “yes” or other), when he cares about you, give him treatment immediately.
Repeat this dog magic trick for five minutes several times a day.

After a few training sessions, your puppy or dog will begin to associate the sound of his name with a delicious treat. After that, you can develop this dog training by mentioning a dog’s name outside the house when there is a lot of noise and his concentration is low.

If he doesn’t give his attention, gently pull him towards you, tell him his name and give him a treat.
This exercise should be repeated several times a day, taking care to change as many different environments as possible. This easy dog trick will help you prevent him from escaping, jumping or doing any other undesirable behavior.

Be careful not to accidentally use your dog’s name all the time as it will become useless like any other noise. Also, don’t use your dog’s name to punish him, no matter what mistake he has made, so that his name is associated with something wonderful.

Dog Trick 3: Training a dog to kiss

One of the simplest tricks for training a dog is to teach your dog to give you a kiss. Although some people can’t accept kissing dogs, this dog trick funny is generally effective for children.
It’s very simple, just put a little treatment on your cheek and ask him to get it, then you can get a wonderful kiss from your dog when you ask him to do it!

Dog Trick 4: How to Teach Your Dog to Wait?

One of the most important benefits of this trick is to encourage the dog to exercise restraint and calm each time we ask him to do so. The idea is very easy, the dog knows he’s rewarded only when he’s calm and waits for your permission to do anything, no matter how simple.
This dog trick allows us to have a totally obedient dog and abides by the instructions of its trainer.
It should be noted that this training is an introduction to many complex exercises for dogs, and it teaches the dog to focus and control during training sessions and in everyday life with his master.

Dog Trick 5: How to Teach a Dog to Fetch?

Dog Trick 5: How to Teach a Dog to Fetch?
How to Teach a Dog to Fetch?

Many dog trainers consider the retrieval game to be a classic, easy game, but some dogs don’t learn it so easily that some don’t care about the game and don’t want to try it at all. Of course, it will become very frustrating if your dog doesn’t cooperate with you when he plays.

But don’t worry, we’ve found the solution for you with a professional dog trainer. Read on to learn the trick we’ll use to attract the dog first, then teach him how to play the dog’s game properly:

First of all, at the beginning of the training, you have to start playing the tug. Bring one of your dog’s toys and say “pick it up” when the dog approaches and wants it ramasser، Throw it a few meters away and make it run to bring it.
After bringing the toy, ask him to give it to you and when he does, offer him a treat. Repeat this dog trick several times until he has mastered it.
Be sure to do this training when your dog is eager to play tug.

Dog Trick 6: How to Train Your Dog to Spin?

Most dog breeders consider that turning a dog is the most important dog trick.
In appearance, it sounds complicated and requires a lot of training, but if we apply the right training techniques, you’ll do it very easily.

In fact, this training is only done by professional trainers, but if you have applied the dog trick that we are going to mention now, you can celebrate, you are now a professional dog trainer.

To master this training, you need to use your Touch Stick, with which you can guide your dog in a circular movement. Each time he completes a full cycle, give him a treatment.

It is important to repeat this command several times with your index finger pointing in a circular motion until the dog understands it. After several repeated training, the dog will be able to turn each time you point your finger.

Dog Tricks Advanced:

After learning the most basic dog tricks, let’s act like a pro and learn the advanced tricks that allow us to better train our dog. Follow us:

Dog Trick 7: How to Teach Your Dog to Close the Door?

If you have a smart dog, you’re very lucky. With a little training in this trick, your dog will be able to open and close the door when you ask him to. Everyone knows that dogs can’t open all kinds of doors. In practice, it is impossible for a dog to turn the door handle.

But don’t bother, it’s easy and can be done by attaching a rag or rope to the door latch. When the dog pulls on the latch, the door simply opens.
This trick can be used by training your dog to allow himself to go outside if he wants to urinate or something else, but make sure that you have a fenced yard and a closed outside door so that the dog doesn’t go out into the street.

This trick can also be used to teach your dog to open and close the fridge door (tie him up to “bring a drink”, Dog Trick 9), or open and close a mailbox to bring a newspaper or other …

During training, this dog trick should be divided into two parts:
Teaching the dog to open the door:
We must first tie a piece of cloth around the door, then ask the dog to remove it, then wait until the door is open, thank him and give him treatment. After that, we attach the same process to the word “open” and every time he opens the door, we give him a treatment.

This dog training must be repeated several times, making sure that the door opens under your command, not alone.
Teach the dog to close the door:
Almost the same principle in training, just ask the dog to push the door in the opposite direction until it is closed. Every time he moves the door a little, we encourage him and when he closes the door, we give him a treatment. We only give him treatment when he closes the door.

After practicing this trick several times, start by saying “close” when you teach your dog this trick.

Dog Trick 8: How to Teach Your Dog to Put Away His Toys?

Teaching your dog to put away his toys is one of the most amazing skills you can train your dog in.
This trick is to take advantage of the dog’s innate desire to bring and restore his toys to their preferred place.

This dog trick is also useful and impressive because it will relieve you of many tasks mainly related to put the dog’s toys away and place them in a basket or box.

This dog training is divided into four basic phases: first, you must collect all your dog’s toys and place them in a certain place, and then place a basket in another place. Then point to any toy and say “take it”, then “bring it” and “put it” in the basket. When he succeeds, thank him and give him a treat.

Repeat until he puts all his toys in the basket.
Try repeating this dog trick several times a week until the dog gets used to putting his toys away when you ask him to do so and remember to give him excellent treatment each time.

Dog Trick 9: How To Train A Dog To Fetch A Drink?

Dog Trick 9: How To Train A Dog To Fetch A Drink?
Dog Trick 9: How To Train A Dog To Fetch A Drink?

One of the most amazing things is to make your dog bring you a drink from the fridge.we’ve already taught a dog to open the door, so it won’t be difficult to train him. All you have to do to master this dog trick is concentrate and repeat it several times.

First, place a dog toy in a cupboard that the dog used to open when asked to do so.
Order him to open it and then ask him to bring it to you. When he does this, don’t forget to give him a reward.

Repeat this exercise several times a day, changing the dog’s toy each time. Then change the dog’s toy with a drink of your choice and ask him to do the same. Once you have mastered this trick, you can change the cupboard with the refrigerator.
You don’t have to choose a drink that is difficult for a dog to bring.

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