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13 Best Human Food For Dogs

We often strive to share all the beautiful moments with our favorite dog like human food. But we know that dogs have a very different digestive system than humans, so we must be careful to choose the best human food for dogs. Some human food cannot be eaten by dogs because it is harmful to their health. But that doesn’t mean that not all human food is suitable for dogs, some of which are safe for dogs and can be provided to dogs without fear for their health because they provide important nutrients and health benefits to our loyal friend.

So many dog breeders ask what human food can dogs eat ? Especially those who want to keep their dogs healthy by providing them with food sains، by wanting to introduce some human food into their dog’s diet without health problems or undesirable complications, and even by providing certain health benefits such as joint strength, immune strengthening and Improve Fitness.

Best Human Food For Dogs
Best Human Food For Dogs

But before you give your dog human food, you need to know what human food is safe for the dog to eat? What foods can harm your dog and send him directly to the veterinarian? Even after you know what human foods dogs can eat, always be careful because these dog foods, if not provided in a balanced manner and over-served to your dog, can lead to obesity and many other health problems.

To avoid all these problems, we will help you choose the best human food for dogs by answering all your questions about dog food. All you have to do is keep reading this article until the end.

Can I feed my dog human food?

This is one of the questions most asked by many pet dog lovers, to find out what human food can be provided to the dog without fearing for their health, especially as dogs love this type of reward. Quite simply, the answer will be yes, dogs can eat human food and you can share some of your delicious meals with your best friend. But not all human food is suitable for dogs, as there is a specific list of human foods that can be provided to dogs. This is what we will share with you below.

What is the best human food for dogs?

By contacting many veterinarians, we obtain a list of the 13 best human food for dogs, knowing that this list remains the diligence of our experts and can change from one dog breed to another and from one dog to another.

1- Cooked chicken:

What should I do if my dog ate chicken bones?
What should I do if my dog ate chicken bones?

This meal is a good alternative to dog food as long as the chicken is boiled without spices that are harmful to the dog’s health. As this food provides a lot of protein for your dog, you can learn more about the chicken meal for dogs with this article.

2- Cheese:

human foods for dogs
human foods for dogs

It is one of the most beneficial human foods for dogs, taking care to choose low-fat foods such as mozzarella and rustic cheese, as high-fat cheeses can cause problems in a dog’s digestive system. Experts also advise providing dogs with small and medium amounts to avoid obesity and other negative health effects.
It is very important to remember that dried cheese should be avoided as it is totally unhealthy for dogs.

3- Cashews:

Veterinarians confirm that dogs can eat cashews, especially as it can be used as a reward during training. In addition, it contains significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, and proteins that are important for your dog’s health, taking great care to provide little each time, as cashews lead to weight gain if eaten in excess. In addition, this human food for dogs can be a wonderful meal as long as it is served without salt.

4- Bread:

Although the bread has no health benefits for dogs because it has no nutritional value and can be packed with carbohydrates and calories, your dog can eat small amounts of bread without spices and raisins. It is advisable to offer your dog slices of homemade bread instead of buying them at the store because the bread we buy at the grocery store contains several preservatives that are harmful to the dog’s health. In summary, we can say that bread is human food for dogs.

5- Peanut butter:

Peanut butter contains vitamins like E and B in addition to many healthy fats, niacin, and protein, making it one of the best human foods dogs can eat.
Peanut butter should be carefully checked before being served to your dog to ensure that it does not contain sugar substitutes such as xylitol, which are harmful to the dog’s health and can be fatal.

6- Fish:

Fish is one of the best human food for dogs that can give him a healthy boost because of its good fats and amino acids. Salmon is one of the best types of fish that can be fed to dogs because it contains large amounts of vitamins and protein, and its soft, digestible organ provides plenty of calcium.
It is very important to cook the fish well and cool it completely before serving it to your dog, as well as only satisfying him twice a week.

7- Green Beans:

Green beans are one of the most human food for dogs that are recommended by veterinarians for those who want to minimize their dog’s weight because they contain a very high percentage of fiber in addition to being low in calories. It can, therefore, be adopted as healthy and complete dog food that does not lead to obesity.

8- Eggs:

Eggs can be considered human food for dogs, provided they are fully cooked. Because cooked eggs contain large amounts of protein, they help boost a dog’s immunity. But be careful not to provide raw egg whites to dogs as this causes a lack of biotin, which leads to stomach upset.

9- Honey:

Everyone knows that honey is packed with many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and many other antioxidants that are very beneficial to the health of dogs.
Therefore, it is advisable to feed dogs with small amounts of honey as this helps to strengthen the dog’s immune system and prevents allergies to it. Just like humans, honey can be used as a topical treatment for superficial wounds.

10- Pumpkin:

Yes, dogs can eat all varieties of pumpkins, canned, fresh, or cooked, as long as no sugar or spices are added, as is recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs and numerous spasms. In addition, pumpkin is a human food for dogs rich in vitamin A and fiber, which helps maintain a dog’s weight.

11- Milk:

Although some dogs have a digestive system that is not adapted to lactose and cannot digest milk well, dogs can drink milk, but with caution. In the event that negative side effects are observed after drinking milk, we must provide him water and monitor his health closely, and in the case of turbidity, we must contact the veterinarian.

12- Apples:

If you want to know the best human food for dogs that you can provide for your pet at all times, we recommend delicious apple slices because they are full of plant nutrients and many vitamins such as A and C.
Dogs can eat apples with the skin on, but the seeds should be avoided as they contain cyanide effects that are very harmful to a dog’s health.

13- White rice:

White rice is one of the most easily digestible foods that helps to bind stool, so plain cooked white rice is an ideal food for dogs with stomach and digestive problems.
For diabetic dogs, only a few white rice should be offered as it causes high blood sugar levels.

Tips you should know about human food for dogs:

It is true that many human foods are considered safe and nutritious for most dogs, but only if they are not over-served, which means that they are provided in moderate amounts and at time intervals to avoid health problems that can be caused by large amounts.

Dog Food All the secrets and tips you need
Dog Food All the secrets and tips you need

Cases where a veterinarian should be consulted before serving human food for dogs:

Many experts advise consulting a veterinarian before feeding human food to dogs in case:
– The dog was diabetic.
– Obese dogs.
– Dogs suffering from liver or kidney disease.
It is also necessary to keep meals in front of the dogs for a certain period of time and then keep them out of their reach to get them used to a specific diet because human food for dogs is a very sensitive issue.

Human food for dogs that is harmful:

There is no specific list of these human foods that are harmful to the dog’s health, but we will provide you with a few tips to help you provide proper nutrition for your dog:
– All substances containing alcohol cause serious health problems, especially in the stomach area.
– All kinds of substances containing chocolate, coffee, and caffeine cause heart problems.
– All substances containing xylitol.
In case of doubt as to whether this human food is allowed for dogs or whether it is not advisable to serve it before consulting the veterinarian.

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