The 9 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds In The World


Dogs are the most loyal and charming pets you can have. They’re also very smart! Luckily for us, there are some breeds of dogs that are especially intelligent and therefore make great companions. Here’s a list of the 9 smartest dog breeds in the world right now:

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Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retrievers are the second-most popular dog breed in the United States, and they’re also intelligent, loyal and friendly. They make excellent family dogs with a good temperament that makes them easy to train. They’re a great choice for an active family because they love to swim and play fetch.

Golden Retrievers are patient with children and other pets. Many owners have noted that their Goldens enjoy playing with children in particular; some even say that their Goldens can act as surrogate babysitters!

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are well-known for their intelligence and obedience. These dogs are often used as police dogs or search and rescue dogs, because they are very loyal to their owners and protective of them. They also make great family pets, as they get along with children well and can be trained to do almost anything a human asks them to do. However, these intelligent pups need training from an early age to avoid problems later in life such as excessive barking or aggression towards strangers.[1]

The German Shepherd was originally bred by monks in Germany around the year 1820 for work purposes like guarding livestock on farms during World War I when there was outbreaks of rabies in Europe due

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, also known as the Sheltie, is an intelligent dog that can make a good family pet. The Sheltie is a good guard dog and watchdog because it will bark when necessary and protect its owners from danger. The Sheltie is also very trainable, so you won’t have to worry about it running away if you forget to close the door behind you.

Border Collie Dog

Border Collies are an easy-to-train breed, but they do have a high energy level. As such, they’re not good for people who don’t have time to take them out for long walks or runs. They make excellent family pets because of their intelligence and affection towards children. Their intelligence also makes them great companions for other animals—they tend to get along well with cats, rabbits, and other dogs. In general, Border Collies are a good choice for active families who are looking for a dog that has high energy levels that can be channeled into positive activities (such as agility training).


Rottweilers are a medium-sized breed of domestic dog, distinguished by their black coat and trademark ruff. The Rottweiler is a powerful dog that requires strong training and socialization. A well-trained Rottweiler can be the ideal family pet, but if neglected, it may become territorial and protective of its home and owners.

Rottweilers are large-sized working dogs with a typical lifespan of 10 to 12 years.[1] The average height for an adult male is 75 to 85 cm (30–34 in) at the withers,[2][3] while for females it is 70–80 cm (28–31 in).[4] Weight should be 54–69 kg (119–152 lb).[5][6] They have an elongated head with an underbite[7], a powerful body, wide chest that extends down to elbows or lower legs,[8] well developed muscles[9], long drooping ears,[10][11] thick fur[12]and thick tail.[13][14].

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the United States and for good reason. They’re friendly, loving, loyal and make great family pets. These dogs are exceptionally patient with children; however, they can be overly protective of their owners which can lead to a lack of socialization with other people or animals. Labradors also need plenty of exercise because they have a tendency to get bored easily which could lead them to develop destructive habits such as digging up your garden or tearing apart furniture cushions.

Labradors love toys and love playing fetch so it’s important that you keep plenty around so they always have something fun to do!

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent and active dog breed. They are very loyal to their owners, and can be aggressive to other dogs. They are also very good at learning tricks and commands.

They need a lot of exercise, as they are very energetic and active dogs that need time to run around every day!


Poodles are an incredibly intelligent breed of dog, and they’re also very easy to train. They are extremely loyal, affectionate, and good with children and other pets.

They’ve been popular for centuries because of their intelligence, but their popularity really took off in the 1950s when several poodles competed on the TV show Doggie March with their owners performing tricks like jumping through hoops or walking on two legs.


If you’re looking for a dog that’s affectionate and friendly, then look no further than the Papillon. This breed is very popular with families because of their friendly nature and love of children. In fact, they make great family pets!

Papillons are extremely intelligent dogs who also love to learn new things. If agility training is something that you want to try with your dog, a Papillon would be a good choice because it has been bred through generations to possess an excellent sense of balance.

This breed gets along well with other dogs as long as socialization takes place early on in life; however, it can become very distrustful towards other animals if not properly trained or socialized as a puppy.

The most intelligent breeds of dog is also often very loyal.

You can probably see a pattern forming. The most intelligent breeds of dogs are also often very loyal, affectionate, playful, energetic and protective. This makes sense when you consider that the ability to learn and do what you want with your dog has a lot more to do with personality than it does intelligence.


By now, you’ve see why these dog breeds (and a few others) are so smart. They excel at problem solving and memory tasks, and their owners can take advantage of that intelligence by providing them with challenging training exercises. However, there is no single way to measure dog intelligence; what matters most is whether or not your pup enjoys learning new things.





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