9 Easy And Fun Dog Tricks To Train Any Dog


Dog tricks can be useful, fun, and easy to teach your dog. They are also a great way for your dog to learn how to communicate with you! Here are 9 of my favorite dog tricks that have been proven effective in training dogs over the years.

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1. Beg

Teaching your dog to beg is a great way to impress family members and friends. In addition, it’s also great for helping your dog learn how to obey your commands and stay focused on you. Begging is an excellent trick for dogs with high energy levels because it allows them to channel that energy into something productive rather than destructive.

The benefits of teaching your dog how to beg are numerous:

  • It will help keep him entertained throughout the day, giving you more time with him!
  • It makes other people happy when they see your pet doing something adorable like this one!

2. Sit

Sitting is a good command to teach your dog. It’s a basic command that can be used for many purposes, whether you want to use it to stop your dog from jumping on people or keep them out of the trash.

Sit is also a great trick to teach your dog if they don’t know how to walk on a leash yet, because it gives them something else to focus on besides being anxious about being outside in public or nervous about being tethered by something as silly as a string!

3. Roll Over

Roll Over

This trick is another simple one, but it can be fun for both dog and owner alike. Once your dog has mastered the first three tricks, you may have him roll over on command from a standing position. This will be easier than having him do it from lying down or sitting positions because he won’t have to adjust his body as much when changing positions.

Once you’ve gotten him to roll over on command several times at home, try doing the same thing while out in public as well (if your pet enjoys being around other people). If there’s a park nearby where dogs are allowed, take your pup there so he can practice rolling over with other animals around!

4. Spin


To teach your dog to spin, begin by having them sit in front of you with their paws on the floor. Place a treat between their paws and have them lift one paw forward. The goal here is for them to reach out with their free paw and take the treat from between those two paws. Once they do that, reward them lavishly! If you’re having trouble getting your pup to understand what he needs to do for this trick, try moving farther away from him so he has more room for error. Once he does get it down pat, bring him closer again so he can repeat the trick until he gets it right every time!

Now that your dog knows how to spin in a circle on command (and is ready for some additional practice), let’s move onto a slightly more advanced trick: teaching them how to spin around while laying down! This one is easy but requires some patience since dogs sometimes aren’t used to lying down while spinning or don’t know where exactly they’re supposed to be spinning yet – which could result in quite an embarrassing mess if either happens during training sessions 🙂

5. Shake Hands Or Paw

  • You can teach your dog to shake hands or the paw by feeding them treats. Guide their front foot towards your hand and give them a treat when they touch your hand with their nose or paw. Repeat this many times for about a month, then start to increase the time it takes for you to give them their treat after touching your hand. This will help teach them how long they have to wait between doing something and being rewarded for it!
  • If your dog does not perform this trick correctly, do not correct them. Instead, make sure that they are comfortable with what is being asked of them by doing some gentle petting and telling them how great they are doing while trying again later on in another session.*

6. Play Dead

You will need a treat, a toy and a clicker. This is the easiest trick to teach your dog. The first step is to lure your dog into laying down on its side. Once they are in that position give them their treat and clicker. Repeat this step until your dog realizes what you are trying to teach them and will lay down when you ask them too. When your dog does it right reward with lots of praise, petting and treats! If you have trouble getting this trick started here are some tips for how long it should take:

  • For every 10 minutes of training time expect about 30 seconds worth of progress from your pup.
  • You should be able to get one repetition per day if you practice consistently, but don’t feel bad if it takes longer—every puppy (and owner!) is different!

7. Touch Your Nose To Object

  • Touch Your Nose To Object

This trick is a fun one to teach your dog, and it’s also really great for teaching your dog self-control. The idea here is that you will have something in front of you, like a piece of paper or a ball, and you will want your dog to touch its nose with the object. You’ll start by showing this trick only when they’re in an upbeat mood; when they are excited and attentive, but not overly energetic or restless. When teaching touch their nose to object, it’s important to remember that the dog should be rewarded for touching the object first regardless if he does it correctly or not (we’ll talk about how rewarding properly later). Then once he’s done touching his nose with the object give him lots of praise! After doing this several times consistently with no mistakes made try moving onto another spot on their face—say near their mouth instead—and practice there again until they’re successful at both spots before moving onto another body part such as their ears or tail! This can be tricky since some dogs may dislike having these places touched but if done right it shouldn’t take long before they get used too since most animals love getting attention from humans so even if there’s initial hesitation don’t give up 🙂

8. Twirl In A Circle And Lie Down

  • Twirl in a circle and lie down

To start, your dog should know how to lie down on command. This can be achieved by placing a treat on the floor and commanding “lie down” while pointing at it, then encouraging them with praise or petting once they’ve done so. Once this is mastered, begin asking them to spin around you in a circle as well—again rewarding them for complying with food or affection after each turn. After doing this for several days, ask your pup to spin around you once more before lying down on command again (for example: “Spin!” followed by “Lie!”). This may not happen immediately but if practiced regularly over time it will become second nature!

9. Speak And Quiet Commands

Speak commands are the best way to get your dog’s attention, especially if you have a particularly stubborn pup. You can use any voice that works for you, but try to make sure it is not too high or too low when speaking. A good example would be to use a soft voice when speaking in a normal tone of voice and vice versa.

These commands are also great when teaching your dog how to speak on command as well!

Dog tricks can be useful and fun to teach your dog!

While you may think that dog tricks are a waste of time, they can actually be useful and fun to teach your dog. Dog tricks can help you bond with your dog. For example, if you want your dog to sit when he sees another person, then teaching him how to do this is going to allow him to get used to seeing other people around the house and know that he needs to behave well when they are around.

Dog tricks will also come in handy when it comes time for training. For instance, if you want your dog not to bark at certain things or do something specific when he sees another person in front of the house, then being able to teach him how do these things will make it much easier for both of you in the long run..


Dog tricks are a great way to bond with your dog, and they can be useful in many situations. If you’re looking for new ways to spend time with your dog or if you want him to learn some new tricks, this list of nine easy dog tricks is just what you need!





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